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Service Description

We have four Membership Plans for you to choice from, but first an initial remote assessment of your network is required for us to get a full picture. These plans cover the following devices and more. Devices: POS Systems, Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, or/and Scanner/Printers, Routers and Modems, Network Switches, Firewalls and other networking equipment. *Onboard all devices in your company network. (Image device with company policies) *Computer & MAC device remote tune up and updates to increase performance. *Onsite support visits to office and home office. *Additional visits onsite available upon request. *Remote Support on your computer or network devices. *After-hours Remote Support sessions. *Safe Backup of Data in the cloud. *Microsoft and other portal for meetings. *Electronic recycling program on all computer and networking devices. *Discounts on Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. *Discounts on Anti Virus Software subscriptions. *Discounts on VPN use for secure connection to your office. *Discounts on Battery Replacements. *Discounts on Home Office Desks, Chairs, and Gaming. *Discounts on hardware failure replacements. *Discounts on LCD Screen replacements. *Discounts on Keyboard, Mouse, Dock, LCD Monitor, Laptop, Desktop, Printers, Scanner and Tablet purchases.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel appointment please contact us in 24hrs or less in advance.

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147 Prince Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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