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Are you an experienced Sales Person (Ex. Spectrum, Optimum Business Sales Representatives or Field Sales person) that has a list of clients and looking to make an EXTRA $1500 or more a week on your current business relationships?

Partner with us and we will help you INCREASE your EARNING POTENTIAL with your current business relationships using our technical support services that can result in RESIDUAL INCOME.  We will help you recognize opportunities in your network.


  • Get Paid 40% of the initial EGT profit for services and projects paid from your referrals. (Ex. 40% X $5000 = $2000)

  • Stay active with referrals for 30 days and earn 8% Residual from profit on each of your referrals repeat business. 

  • Get Paid 40% of the EGT profit of each product sold to your referrals. (Ex. 40% X $5000 = $2000)

  • Stay active and recruit your own Junior Referral Agents and earn 10% of EGT profit from all of the services they sell.

         Top Sellers Monthly Bonus: (Limited one prize per month per Referral Agent.)

  • BONUS: Generate $5000 or more in profits and get a Free 42inch HDTV.

Technical Support Professionals - Provide remote and onsite technical support to users across the United States and international when needed.  Over 3 years experience working with consumers, small businesses and corporate clients. Candidates with A+ Certifications needed and other network certifications are welcome to apply.

Flyer Distributor - Distribute flyers to targeted areas for consumers and businesses.

Tech Support & Programming Interns - Work with our season professionals and gain the experience you need to jump start your career in the IT industry. To learn more about our gram and get started, click this link:  EGT REFERRAL PROGRAM

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