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Annual Device Tune up

Three consumer devices tune up plan.

  • Remote Assessment

Service Description

This plan covers your device for a full year and support updates to increase performance. Three type of devices are covered in this plan. (Laptops, Tablets and Desktops by remote) All device will be given a remote assess for current status before this plan is initiated. *One year coverage with this plan for three devices in any combination. *One year Anti Virus subscription. *One year Data Back up sync on One Drive. *One year Microsoft 365 Office Home *Remote setup of home printer *Monthly performance reviews *Monthly hardware monitoring health *Windows Updates monitoring 10% Off Virus and Malware Removal. 10% Off Cyber Security Protection 10% Off LCD Screen Replacements. 10% Off Data Recovery per storage device. 10% Off Hardware replacement. 10% Off Computer product purchases. 10% Off Security Camera System Support 10% Off HDTV Mounting 10% Off Home networking 10% Off Home office setup

Cancellation Policy

To cancel appointment please contact us in 24hrs or less in advance.

Contact Details


Offices on 7th and 8th Floor 15 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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