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  • Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus Series Switch
SKU: WS-C2960-24LT-L

Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus Series Switch

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The Cisco Catalyst 2960-24LT-L offers secure and reliable connection with the 2960 Series? history of excellent performance; a rich collection of software features including Quality of Service intelligence, redundancy and resiliency support, and various security applications. 8 of the 24 10/100 ports provide 123W (15.4 per port) of PoE (IEEE 802.3af), meaning the 2960-24LT-L can power a wide range of devices such as IP Phones and lightweight access points.

The Catalyst 2960-24LT-L is easy to deploy and has software features to set up and manage configuration and performance, including Switching Database Manager (SDM) templates, Local Proxy Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)

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