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  • Cisco 1841 Router

Cisco 1841 Router

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The Cisco 1800 Series integrated services routers are the next step in Cisco?s award-winning line of modular access routers. The Cisco 1841-HSEC router is designed for secure data connectivity, and provide a fivefold performance increase and integrated hardware-based encryption, over the 1700 series. Additionally, the Cisco 1841-HSEC has a dramatically improved interface card slot performance and density, while maintaining support for more than 30 existing WAN interface cards and multiflex trunk cards.


If you are a business looking to seamlessly add more robust performance to your network, look no further than the Cisco 1841-HSEC. With its modular architecture, this router has been specifically designed to meet requirements of small to medium-sized businesses and small enterprise branch offices as well as service provider-managed applications for concurrent services at wire-speed performance. The Cisco 1841-HSEC router, together with other Cisco provide the broadest range of secure connectivity options in the industry combined with availability and reliability features. In addition, Cisco IOS Software provides support for a complete suite of transport protocols, quality of service, and security.


The Cisco 1841-HSEC switch highlights secure, quick, and astounding conveyance of various, simultaneous administrations, offering installed equipment based encryption, empowered by a discretionary Cisco IOS Software security picture; advance upgrade of VPN execution with a discretionary VPN increasing speed module; an interruption counteractive action framework and firewall capacities; interfaces for an extensive variety of availability prerequisites, including support for discretionary incorporated switch ports; in addition to adequate execution and space thickness for future system development and propelled applications and also a coordinated constant clock.

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