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Security Camera Considerations:Lighting, Wiring, Visibility, and More

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

When it comes to security cameras, there are a few factors you'll want to consider before making your purchase. The first is the level of light required for the camera to function properly. Cameras with a 0 lux rating can function in low-light conditions, while those without require more light. The next consideration is how much wiring is needed. Cameras that only require one wire are easier to install than those that need multiple. Additionally, some cameras are designed to be more visible than others. If you want the camera to be noticed, look for a design that is easy to see. If you want it to be covert, look for a stealthier design. Another factor to consider is the range of motion the camera can cover. Adjustable cameras can pan, tilt and zoom in order to watch a larger area. Finally, consider what type of recording media the camera uses and whether or not you need remote access to footage. Cameras that record images on a computer can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection, while those t¹hat record onto a digital video recorder (DVR) require physical access to the device in order to view the footage.

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