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You need a clear message for your marketing to work

Facebook, Insta, X, TikTok... you see where I'm going. The advertisement platforms are just too many. Is that a bad thing? For the companies themselves, yes. But for you the marketer or the business owners, only if you want it to be.

We rely too much on those platforms. essentially, we want them to do all the work for us. Our copies are badly written. We rely on the platform to spray our message. Even though we know the foundation work we ought to do wasn't well done.

You see we, marketing start even before we conceptualize the product. You need to always start with the problem, first. You should only start thinking about a product after you deeply understand the problem and the audience that's suffering from it. That's going to help your message cut through the clutter like a hot knife does to butter.

A clear message that repeats to the customer what's already on their psyche. Yes, this is how much you need to know your audience.

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