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It is time to elevate your medical center security

Over 00000 companies had trust us for their security systems. Over 00000 companies had trust us for their security systems. Over 00000 companies had trust us for their security systems.Over 00000 companies had trust us for their security systems

Safeword your patients and staff

Ensure the safety and security of your patients and staff with the use of our state-of-the-art security cameras, designed to provide you with the latest in surveillance technology

24/7 protection and support

Guarantee round-the-clock security with our exceptional security camera systems, providing continuous surveillance to your institution.

Protect sensitive records and equipment

Protect your sensitive records and equipment from potential threats and unauthorized access , ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of your valuable assets

Integrate with other systems

Seamlessly integrate our system with your new or existing access control and intercom systems for a more cohesive and streamlined security solution. 

  • What are the benefits of having a surveillance system in a healthcare institution?
    Increased safety and security for patients and staff. Improved patient care Loss prevention Evidence collection Compliance with regulations Improved efficiency
  • What types of cameras are best suited for healthcare institutions?
    Our expert will help you to choose between the best indoor camera with night vision, wide-angle lenses, and high-resolution images that best suit your facility.
  • How can a surveillance system be integrated with other systems in a healthcare institution?
    A surveillance system can be integrated with access control, intercom, and other systems to provide a more comprehensive security solution.
  • What are the privacy and security considerations when using surveillance cameras in healthcare institutions?
    Healthcare institution must comply with regulation related to patient privacy and security and should ensure that sensitive information is not disclosed to unauthorized parties.
  • How can a healthcare institution ensure that the surveillance system is working effectively?
    A healthcare institution should regularly maintain and upgrade its surveillance system and conduct regular audits to ensure that the system is functioning efficiently. At EGT computers we also offer REmote Managed IT services (MSP) to ensure that your system is running up to-date and functional.

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